Breakthrough Photography Universal Arca-Type Quick Release Plate

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The Universal Arca-Type Quick Release Plate from Breakthrough Photography is an aluminum quick release plate designed for full compatibility with all cameras, lenses, and Arca-type clamps regardless of manufacturer. The design of the plate's dovetail has been milled specifically for this purpose and is backed by the manufacturers guarantee of compatibility with any Arca-type system.

The plate itself is equipped with a versatile stainless steel camera mounting screw which may be tightened by hand, with a coin, or with an Allen key. A removable retraining lip has also been included, allowing the user to brace their camera or lens against the lip to prevent unwanted twisting. For any user wishing to avoid the use of the retraining lip, four rubber anti-twist pads have also been integrated into the base of the plate to minimize slippage.

Additionally, the plate features an integrated strap loop to provide a solid connection point for a wrist or neck strap of your choosing. Two removable screws have also been added to the bottom of the plate, preventing it from accidentally slipping out of most Arca-type clamps.