Aluminum Mobile Phone Car Mount or Desk Stand with Microsuction by XShot (XSMPC

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The Shot Mobile Phone Micro suction Car Mount is features an elegant aluminum design that uses nan suction technology to attach to a windshield or dashboard, and hold any size mobile phone in place. Micro suction adheres easily to any smooth, nonporous surface without the use of any adhesives. Simply press the base of the phone holder to your window and nano suction holds the mount in place - then just press your phone against the mount to attach it. Absolutely no adhesives, clips, or screws required. An aluminum disc base is included to attach the holder to any dashboard or porous/rugged surface as desired. Please note that a smooth surface is required for secure attachment to phones. Nearly all phones or phone cases cases will work - however if your phone or case features a very heavily textured surface or a soft silicone surface (e.g., a soft phone sleeve) then micro suction may not be able to form a suction bond properly.