Hoodloupe Optical Viewfinder For 3.2" LCD Displays

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The HoodLoupe Optical Viewfinder for 3.2" LCD Displays is used to make a close inspection of images as you review them on your DSLR camera's LCD monitor. The viewfinder isolates the display from ambient light so you will not be distracted by reflections or shadows during use. It will provide full coverage of an LCD monitor up to 3.2" diagonally with a standard (3:2) aspect ratio.

Glare-Free Photos and Videos

This HoodLoupe is designed to fit the 3.2" LCD monitors of larger DSLR cameras, with a 1:1 magnification ratio. With the same 3:2 aspect ratio as your camera's LCD, the HoodLoupe allows more of the screen to be used for photo and video display so you can clearly see what you're shooting without the reflections and glare caused by ambient light.

Diopter Adjustment: +/-3

Adjust the diopter setting to your own eyesight for a customized viewing experience that is both comfortable and clear.

Case & Quick-Release Lanyard Included

The lanyard fits around your neck and has a quick-release fastener that allows you to easily remove it. It also comes with a protective carrying case for safe and easy storage, with a built-in belt clip for convenient carrying while on the job.


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