iBower 5-Port 5V / 5A USB Charging Dock

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The compact and powerful Bower 5-Port 5V / 5A USB Charging Dock is a convenient, secure charger that can power up five smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices at once. The days of waiting for an available outlet are over! This 25W dock can accommodate multiple devices with ranging power needs. Two ports support 2.1A output (for iPads), one port supports 1.3A output (for Android tablets) and two ports support 1A for Apple iPhones and Android smartphones.

Its 100-240V input is ideal for international travel. While perfect for the office or home, this dock is conveniently compact and lightweight, providing the perfect opportunity to maximize your charging time from airport layovers to long waits in line. Beyond tablets and smartphones, any USB-powered device from GPS to eReaders to handheld gaming devices can all be charged by the iBower USB Charging Dock. Overcharge, overcurrent and short circuit protection is built into this device for a worry-free charge.

Its sleek front-facing port design is efficient and well-organized, eliminating tangling or knotting cords. It includes a five-foot A/C power cord.

Compatible with Devices Charged via USB5 x USB Charging Ports2.1, 1.3, and 1.0A Outputs5V / 5A / 25W100-240 VAC InputIncludes 5 AC Power Cord