Phottix Easy Up HD Umbrella Softbox with Grid (24 x 35")

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With a design the allows it to fold up like an umbrella, the Easy Up HD Umbrella Softbox with Grid from Phottix is a 24 x 35" light shaper that's a perfect go-to modifier for everything from products to portraits. The softbox has a silver interior for maximum output and a removable front diffuser that covers its unique design - instead of being aimed forward from the back of the softbox, the flash head is placed inside the softbox and directed into the back of it. The result is an especially soft light quality without the hot spot which is common with traditional light modifiers.
A fabric grid that folds down to a fraction of its open size is also included. It mounts to the recessed lip of the softbox and tunnels the light forward offering directional control while maintaining softness and controlling spill light.