hahnel Additional Capture System Receiver Module for Olympus

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The Additional Capture System Receiver Module for (Olympus/Panasonic) from Hahnel allows you to remotely trigger 2 devices from distances up to 328' with the system's optional transmitter. Trigger 2 cameras, 2 flashes or a combination of the two. The receiver even has a topside hot shoe so that you can trigger camera and flash concurrently. The unit is powered by 2 separately purchased AA batteries. Additional Captur accessories are available for Time-lapse Photography, High-Speed, Motion and Wildlife Photography. Please see the Features section of this listing for compatibility.

System Details

  • All details assume use of separately purchased transmitter
  • Wireless remote shutter release for DSLR cameras
  • Wireless remote control for DSLR speedlights
  • Interchangeable connector cable included
  • Autofocus and shutter release with continuous shooting and bulb mode
  • Optional Captur accessories available for Time-Lapse, High Speed, Motion and Wildlife Photography
  • Powered by 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • DCM - Digital Channel Matching


Olympus: Stylus 1/ E-620/ E-600/ E-550/ E-520/ E-510/ E-450/ E-420/ E-410/ E-400/ E-P5/ EP-1/ EP-2/ EP-3/ E-PL5/ E-PL2/ E-PM1/ E-PM2/ OM-D E-M10/ OM-D E-M5/ SP-590UZ/ SP-570UZ/ SP-565UZ/ SP-560UZ/ SP-550UZ/ SP-510UZ/ XZ-1 / XZ-2
Panasonic: FZ200/ FZ150/ FZ100/ FZ60/ FZ50/ FZ30/ FZ20 / G10/ G6/ G5/ G3/ G2/ G1 / GF1/ GH1/ GH2/ GH3/ GH4/ L10/ L1/ LC1/ DMC-GH4