Phottix Long Range Reflector with Grid and Diffuser

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Made for the Indra500 and Indra360 TTL monolights, the Long Range Reflector with Grid and Diffuser from Phottix contains a Long Range Reflector with a silver interior, a honeycomb grid, cloth diffuser and a carry bag. The reflector has a Bowens mount for compatibility with the Indra500 and 360 but it will also fit the many other brand heads with the widely used Bowens mount. The Long Range Reflector has a tight 45° beam angle and is great for long throw work like sporting events. Due to its special shape, it actually increases your flash power by up to two stops. To isolate your subject or for use in the studio, a honeycomb grid is included to further narrow the beam angle and eliminate spill light. A cloth diffuser is also included for situations where a softer look is required. The carry bag is convenient for transport or storage.