Smith Victor Octabella 3 LED Daylight Softbox Lighting Kit (1500W)

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A core kit with some advanced features that's well-suited to portraiture, fashion, products, and ecommerce, the OctaBella 1500W 3-Light LED Softbox Kit with Boom Arm from Smith-Victor is built around three octagonal light shapers, each with a 60W Daylight LED lamp that has the equivalent output of a 500W tungsten fixture and a high CRI of 92, indicating accurate color rendition. The depth of the 28" diameter OctaBella gives the modifier a modicum of directional control that makes feathering easy. The OctaBella has both inner and front diffusers that offer quality of light options. Using both yields the softest output, using just the front diffuser produces higher contrast, which is snappier still with only the internal diffuser. You can also remove both diffusers and use the OctaBella as a large reflector.

The kit also includes a boom arm that extends from 27-51" to allow use of one of the lights as a hair light or to light a background. A counterweight is provided to balance the setup. A 6' light stand is included for two of the OctaBellas, while the 3rd 8' stand is meant to be used the with OctaBella on the boom. It all fits in the provided padded kit case for storage or transport.