Savage Cobra Interview Light Kit

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Combining everything needed for a compact three-point lighting setup, the Cobra Interview LED Light Kit from Savage was designed for on-the-go videographers. This kit includes a trio of Luminous Pro LED Video Lights, a Multi-Light Connector two-pack, three 7'-tall Drop Stand light stands, a 40" Flexible Arm, and a Counter Balance with a one pound steel weight and a locking clamp. A rolling carry case is also included to protect the kit during storage or travel.

Savage Drop Stand Light Stand (7')

The 7' Drop Stand Light Stand from Savage extends from a minimum height of 35" to a maximum height of 7', offering a load capacity of 12 lb. It folds down to 33" and weighs 4 lb for easy transport. This stand features auto-extending and collapsing legs, with air cushioning for quick, secure repositioning and breaking down after a shoot. A reversible 1/4"-20 to 3/8" stud adapter is usable on either the top or side of the stand.

Savage LED204 Luminous Pro On-Camera Bi-Color LED Light

The Savage Luminous Pro On-Camera Bi-Color LED Light features variable color temperature, a built-in dimmer, AC/DC power, an onboard battery, and a battery power remaining indicator. You can power the camera via the included power supply or from the included L-series type battery.

The light mounts to your camera with a removable shoe mount. The shoe mount incorporates a threaded 1/4"-20 mounting hole, and it can be mounted on either side as well as the top or bottom of the light. Individual knobs allow you to control both the color temperature and the brightness of the fixture.

  • An individual manual knob allows you to adjust the color temperature from tungsten to daylight
  • An individual manual knob allows you to adjust the brightness of the fixture from 100 to 0%
  • You can mount the included shoe mount to either side or the top or bottom of the light fixture
  • The removable shoe mount incorporates a female threaded 1/4"-20 mounting hole
  • The included L-series type battery fits into the fixture's built-in battery tray
  • A coaxial power socket allows you to use the included AC/DC power adapter to power the light

Savage Multi-Light Connector for Luminous Pro LED Video Lights (2-Pack)

Connect multiple Luminous Pro LED Video Lights together to make one large array or a wraparound effect by using this two-pack of Multi-Light Connectors from Savage. This connector attaches to the threads available on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the light and can pivot up to 15° for extra flexibility.

Savage 40" Flexible Arm

You can easily and securely position a shoe-mounted flash in tight spaces with this 40" Flexible Arm from Savage. It is strong enough to hold one shoe-mounted flash and features a flexible gooseneck for nearly unlimited positioning options. It features both a male and female 1/4"-20 thread to make mounting easy, as well as permit the use of the included adjustable shoe mount.

Savage 25.5" Counterbalance

The 25.5" Counterbalance from Savage is a 1 lb steel weight at the end of a riser that extends 25.5" to maximize the weight offset. The counterbalance comes with a locking clamp that ensures a secure mount. The system makes an ideal combination with the FA-40 Flexible Arm and a speedlight.