Midi Plus-36 LED Panel With Diffuser

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The Midi Plus is a 36 LED panel with high quality output, 6000°K sunlight. This is an evolved and performing light to be mounted on your video SLR camera. It is taylor made on the new hybrid SLR cameras thanks to the quality of the beam and introduces the hybrid function, switching from a continuous beam to a flash with 4X output compared to the continuous output. In this way your LED panel can provide a continuous light when shooting video but adds also the flash capability for switching to the photo mode. The light has a lithium built in rechargeable battery. It comes with a ball head mount developed in Manfrotto that allows users to attach the light either on the hot shoe of your camera, on a photo head (3/8 threading), or on a light stand (3/8 threading). Midi Plus also features the "DUO" position, meaning that the light has two female flash attachments on the body of the light itself, in this way you can attach the light either in vertical or horizontal position; also, very important to mention, you can stack more than one Manfrotto LED panel in order to increase the total light output. A backlite LED at 3200°K is included in order to light up the camera commands when shooting in darkness. The dimmer in the Midi is an index one (0-100% dimmability). The light also comes with a set of diffusers and gels in order to soften the light output or to change the color temperature to warmer colors.