Rapid Box - 26" Octa Softbox for strobes

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The Westcott Rapid Box - 26" Octa Softbox lives up to its name by providing a soft quality of light for your shoe-mount flash that sets up and breaks down in a fraction of the time as most competitors. The box comes complete with a tilting 5/8" receiver stand mount/shoe mount/speed ring combo that disengages quickly from the box allowing it to close like an umbrella.

The 1.0 stop diffusion front face is removable revealing a highly reflective, high-output silver interior. You can soften the light further and defeat hotspots with the separate purchase of the optional 2030-DP Deflector Plate (BH # WE2030DP).

Robust and Durable

  • The Rapid Box's poles and speed ring are constructed from solid aluminum to minimize weight yet retain durability.

Quick Setup and Tear Down

  • The Rapid Box opens and closes like an umbrella. No support rods or adapter ring needed. Everything is compact and easy to use.

Sleek and Compact

  • With a shallow depth, the Rapid Box works in virtually any lighting situation. No matter which box you choose. The Rapid Box series is always compact.

Soft Even Lighting

  • A screw-in reflector plate will minimize any hot spot. The front diffusion material is the same quality as found on Westcott's current high-quality soft boxes.

Fully Adjustable Stand Bracket

  • The height and depth are adjustable and compatible with virtually all shoe-mounted flashes.

Utilize Your Speedlite Without the Need for Radio Triggers

  • External speedlight placement allows firing via built-in slaves and/or IR line-of-site.

Carry Case Included

  • Durable carry case with shoulder strap is included for simple transportation and storage.