Joby Gorillamobile Ori For Ipad ,GM12-01AM

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Inspired by origami, GorillaMobile Ori for iPad transforms effortlessly from a flat, lightweight protective case to an amazingly versatile iPad stand. Following months of research, Ori was designed to provide virtually limitless ergonomic screen positioning, without sacrificing the protection or portability of a sleek iPad case. Whether you’re watching a movie on the plane, flipping through a portfolio presentation or typing an email at a café, you can position your iPad at the most comfortable height and viewing angle for your needs. And for quick adjustments, simply tilt the screen or swivel the iPad from landscape to portrait display. Engineered from a special aluminum composite used in high-performance cars, the Ori stand delivers rigid stability in a lightweight form. With unlimited ergonomic positions, GorillaMobile Ori has your iPad covered for adaptable performance anywhere.Adaptable display height for optimal ergonomics - position your iPad screen for comfort, whether you?re watching videos, reading, typing or playing.


  • Continuous hinge for adjustable viewing angle - simply tilt the screen to maximize visibility in any position
  • Quick swivel to pivot orientation - rotate seamlessly between landscape and portrait views or ?steer? your iPad to navigate a racing game!
  • Super-strong Hylite construction - engineered from a high-performance aluminum and polypropylene composite
  • Sleek folio case with microfiber cover - folds closed to protect the iPad screen on-the-go


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