MeFOTO MUV77mm UV+Lens Protector Filter (Titanium)

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MeFOTO Lens Karma MUV77T - 77mm UV + Lens Protector filter in titanium color.

Protect your camera lens with these colorful multi-coated UV filters. Don’t let those dust mites, scratches, suspicious fingerprints, moisture or ultraviolet rays interfere with your precious glass. The Lens Karma filter’s hardened glass will protect your lens from the elements and reward you with the peace of mind that your lens is safe. 

This filter bling can be kept on your camera at all times. Great for photo and video. Filter rings are available in our 5 most popular colors. Provides basic reduction of ultraviolet rays minimizing haze and high altitude effects.


  • Hardened Glass protects your camera lens against dust, moisture, fingerprints, scratches and the elements.
  • Solid Frame - light-weight and strong, these precision-machined, solid-aluminum frames protect your lens from the occasional bump.
  • 10 layers of coating - 5 coatings on each side
  • Multi-coating allows maximum light transmission while reducing flare and reflections.
  • Crystal clear Asahi Water White glass lets more light pass through the filter so nothing stands between you and your ideal exposure.
  • Hand assembled in small batches and individually inspected to ensure the utmost in optic quality.
  • Match our filter thread size to the front of your lens and simply screw in the filter for a secure mount.


  • 3 year warranty when you buy
  • 5 year warranty when you register.