Leica 8X50 Ultravid HD cat# 40295

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The 8x50 Ultravid HD benefits significantly from the Leica's new "Aqua Dura" Hydrophobic lens coating, an enhancment which repels water from the optics and also facilitates significantly easier cleaning.

Highly durable and waterproof - Die-cast, magnesium, rubber-armored body has industry's highest rating for shock resistance. It's nitrogen filled and watertight to a depth of 16.5 feet.
Eyecups rotating design -Eyecups can be pulled out to two different click-stop positions. Rubber cushioned rings provide optimal benefit for eyeglass wearers.
Close focus distance - Binocular focuses from 11.8 feet allowing close observation of objects.
More light gathering - Highly developed lenses and prism coatings provide 3% increase of light for brighter views over its predecessor.
Improved focusing system - A finely designed focusing mechanism incorporates a lubricant free system with PETP-Discs for smooth movement throughout the operating temperature range.
Elegant design - Painstaking attention to ergonomic detail results in a beautifully contoured binocular that fits perfectly in your hands.
Diopter compensation - ±4 dioptric correction to achieve clear vision
Adjustable interpupillary distance - 58-74mm interpupillary adjustment range suitable for most viewers