Introduction To Canon 5D Mark III: Advanced Topics

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The Introduction to the Canon 5D Mark III: Volume 2 - Advanced Topics DVD from Blue Crane Digital is a training video that teaches you how to use the more advanced functions and settings of your DSLR camera. Gain the knowledge you need to capture the best possible photos and videos, and explore creative options in real-world situations. The easily accessible DVD features a host who walks you through the activation of functions and adjustment of settings. The video, intended for photographers with a working knowledge of the 5D Mark III's basic controls, covers the following topics: Advanced Custom Functions, Canon Speedlites and flash photography, Color management, Creating your own Picture Styles, Advanced Video recording, User Settings, and Your ritual for photography.

Learn how to program the Autofocus system, AF points, and camera buttons in order to focus instantly on a subject. The DVD provides tips and shortcuts that will help you prepare for any shooting situation.

Get the best exposure for your images, whether you are shooting in natural light or with a Canon Speedlite. Explore the 5D Mark III's HDR and Multiple Exposure options. The video helps demystify the camera's movie controls, enabling you to choose the optimal settings for your project.

Learn how to control color properties and build new Picture Styles for both photos and videos. Then, discover ways to combine these color properties with lighting to create compelling images.

Spend less time scrolling through camera menus and more time recording the images you want. Follow the guidelines set forth in the DVD for creating a ritual that will prepare you and your camera for every shoot.


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