Sony Compact Remote Control Tripod

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The tripod rises to a height of 4.8' and boasts a cranking center column and quick release but that's just the beginning. The ergonomic handle of its fluid head is actually a detachable wired remote with hard button control power, grid lines, zooming and shutter depending on the camera in use. The flip-lock leg sections make setup a snap as does the VCT-VPR1's built-in leveler. The VCT-VPR1 supports cameras up to 6.6 lb and weighs just under 3.0 lb.

A multi-terminal cable and carry case are included.

Detachable Remote Control

Advanced remote control with shutter lock and release

Hard Button Control

Hard button control of power, grid lines, still photography and start/stop button for video

Zoom Lever

Built-in zoom lever for slow and controlled zooming effects

Fine Control of Shooting Angle

3-Way fluid pan/tilt head provides smooth camera movement

Easy Set Up

Built-in leveler for quick, easy set up

Adjustable Height

Height is adjustable via elevator function. The tripod can extend from 17.25 to 57.75"

Lightweight and Sturdy

The VCT-VPR1 weighs just under 3.0 lb and supports cameras up to 6.6 lb

Some Compatible Models

Any video/still camera with a multi-terminal port is compatible. Here are some:

  • Cyber-shot Digital Camera HX300
  • Cyber-shot Digital Camera HX50V
  • HDR-CX220/B Camcorder
  • HDR-CX230/B Flash Camcorder
  • HDR-CX290/B Flash Memory Camcorder
  • HDR-CX380/B Flash Memory Camcorder
  • HDR-PJ230/B Camcorder with Projector
  • HDR-PJ380/B Camcorder with Projector
  • HDR-PJ430V Camcorder with Projector
  • HDR-TD30V 3D Handycam Camcorder
  • Alpha NEX-3N with 16-50mm Lens
  • Sony α58 Camera and 18-55mm Lens