Savage Stainless Steel C-Stand Kit with 53" x 18' White Seamless Paper (9.5')

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Able to support gear weighing up to 25 lb, the 9.5', silver-finished Stainless Steel C-Stand Kit with 53" x 18 ' White Seamless Paper from Savage presents a new twist on an age-old design for a support that's an industry standard. The stand's stainless steel double risers have a 5/8" top stud for lights with a matching receiver. The removable turtle-type base allows you to replace the double riser with the included Junior to Baby adapter for low-angle shooting or with the kit's 20" riser. Another benefit is the "lazy" or "Rocky Mountain" leg that can be elevated for balance on uneven surfaces. One of the legs also has a 1-1/8" receiver that accepts the 20" riser for supporting fixtures in tight places.

The grip arm is a 40" long steel tube featuring two grip clamps with a range of 0.3 to 1.4" that can be moved anywhere along the rod to accept arms or accessories. A hanging hook is included for further mounting options, as is a 1-1/8 to 5/8" adapter that mounts directly on the turtle base for low-angle lighting. As a bonus, Savage includes a roll or their #50 white seamless paper that fits neatly on the grip arm.


  • Removable stainless steel turtle base
  • 40" / 102cm stainless steel double riser
  • 20" / 51cm stainless steel riser
  • Junior to Baby pin
  • 40" / 102cm stainless steel grip arm
  • Aluminum gobo head
  • Aluminum gobo clamp
  • Removable hanging hook
  • 53 x 18" / 1.35 x 5.49m
  • Savage #50 White seamless paper backdrop
  • 4" / 10cm spring clamp