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Pre-owned Nikon Nikkor-Zoom 43-86mm F3.5 AI Manual focus lens

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When you have to limit yourself to one lens but don't want to limit your picture capabilities, there's nothing like the 43-86 Nikkor Zoom. It gives you any focal lenght from semi-wide angle to semi-telephoto, a range that covers most picture stuations from interiors to portraits to scenic shots. Yet it is remarkably light and compact with excellent speed and all-over definition. The 43-86 is such a popular travel companion that special, compact eveready cases are available for Nikon or Nikkormat slrs with this lens attached. Many team it up with a 24 or 28mm Auto Nikkor wide angle and 135 or 200mm telephoto for an excellent all-round picture-taking combination. The 43-86mm Nikkor Zoom has an automatic-reopen diaphragm and couples for thru-the-lens exposure control at full aperture. It can be focused as close as 4 feet using the combined zoom/focus collar.

    In the Box
  • Nikon Nikkor Zoom 43-86mm AI Manual Focus Lens
  • Front and rear lens caps
  • 200 day warranty