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Pre-Owned IPAN Panoramic Camera with 65mm schneider Super-Angulon Multicoated lens F5.6 , Made In USA , Only 50 was made

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IPAN Panoramic Camera


This rangefinder camera was originally design by Michael Lawton in mid 1970s limited to 50 copies from USA. This camera allow unusual image format of 1:4 aspect ratio for Panchromatic photography.

This camera consider complete custom 35mm panoramic camera for 4.3 inches length. Each roll of film can be used for 14 panoramic image with Schneider 65mm lens with helical mount focus and 1/500th sec fastest shutter speed.  The structure of this camera is build very heavy and strong to perform unusual weather conditions.


Schneider Super-Angulon Multi-coated 65mm F/5.6 over view:

Schneider super-Angulon lens made in Germany for large format mount with maximum aperture 5.6 is designed for manual focus with excellent sharpness. This lens has been stopped from production line since the mid 1990s after multiple award-winning shot. 


  • 67mm filter thread
  • coverage for 100 degrees
  • created from six elements
  • Five bladed diaphragms
  • 13 286 159 PN


  • Clean
  • No fog or dust



    In the Box
  • IPAN Panoramic Camera with 65mm Schneider Super Angulon Multicoated Lens F/5.6
  • Lens cap
  • 200 day warranty