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Shockproof. Waterproof. Freezeproof. Crushproof. Introducing the world's most durable digital camera -- the Olympus Stylus 770 SW. You can drop it (from 5 feet), dunk it (to 33 feet), freeze it (-10 degrees C/14 degrees F) or even try to crush it (up to 220lbf), and it will still take amazing photos.

Olympus 770SW Digital Camera Highlights

But the 770 SW isn't all brawn and no brains. It features a bright 2.5-inch Hypercrystal LCD so you can easily compose, view and share your images underwater or in direct sunlight. Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) creates sharp, blur-free pictures, even if your subject is moving. And the 27 Shooting Modes, including movie with sound, allow you to master any shooting situation.

Shockproof (5ft) Accidents happen -- but don't worry! The Stylus 770 SW's durable construction is designed to withstand a five-foot drop, bump, or other mishap, so your camera and images are protected.

Olympus 770SW Digital Camera Highlights

Waterproof (33ft) We've combined precision optics with innovative waterproof sealant technologies. Capture beautiful snapshots in the pool, at the waterpark or in the ocean -- down to depths of 33 feet (10m) -- and even record underwater movies with sound.

Freezeproof (-10 degrees C/14 degrees F) Here's another reason this camera is as tough as you are. Whether you're skiing in Switzerland, climbing in Canada or just sledding in your own backyard, the 770 SW is winterized to perform at below-freezing temps.

Crushproof (220LBF) One tough little camera. The stainless steel body and reinforced LCD makes the Stylus 770 SW able to withstand up to 220 lbs. of pressure, so your camera and images are always protected.

Olympus 770SW Digital Camera Highlights
2.5-inch HyperCrystal LCD Now you can compose, view and share your images even in direct sunlight. The large, high-resolution LCD features a wider viewing angle (140 degrees, left to right or up and down) and anti-glare technology that uses natural light to brighten the LCD.

Digital Image Stabilization With high ISO sensitivity and faster shutter speeds, you can capture sharp, blur-free images, even if your subject is moving.

Manometer The Stylus 770 SW features a built-in manometer that measures air and water pressure to calculate the altitude and depth of your photos.

LED illuminator A built-in LED illuminates your subjects when you cant use a flash -- perfect for shooting macro or low-light portraits.

Bright Capture technology Keep it bright even in low light! When shooting or recording in low light, Bright Capture allows you to clearly preview your shot on the LCD and capture brighter, more vivid images -- without a flash.

Bright Capture Technology in Action

27 Shooting Modes including Movie with Sound Getting the best shot has never been easier. Preset shooting modes optimize the cameras settings for any shooting situation to ensure you capture a great shot. Select Scene Modes such as Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, Sports, Beach and Snow, Underwater and more. Records VGA-quality AVI movies with sound (640 x 480 resolution at 15fps) up to the capacity of your xD card.