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Panasonic HX-A500 Wearable 4K POV Camcorder (Gray)



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    The gray HX-A500 Wearable 4K Camcorder from Panasonic is a water- and dustproof action camera that records 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) video at 30p. It features two parts, a lipstick tube camera unit with a 160° ultra-wide lens, and a recording unit with a 1.5" LCD screen. The camera system is designed so that you can attach the recording unit to a backpack or parachute strap, life vest, belt, or somewhere else readily accessible so you can monitor shots and control record start and stop. The camera unit weighs approximately an ounce, and can then be mounted on a headband, handlebars, or another perspective to best catch the action from. Optimized for adventure sports and recreational activities, the whole system is IP58 rated, meaning it is dustproof as well as water proof down to 10' for up to 30 minutes.

    Not only can the HX-A500 shoot 4K, it does slow motion also. It can record 120 fps HD at 1280 x 720 resolution, and 240 fps at 848 x 480 widescreen SD resolution. Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity allows you to control the camera wirelessly from a smartphone or other mobile device, and live Web streaming is also possible using the USTREAM service.

    Waterproof and Dustproof
    The HX-A500 is waterproof, and can be used fully submerged for up to 30 minutes at a depth of no more than 10'. Plus dustproofing also allows you to actively use the camera at the beach, and other environments where dirt and sand may be present

    Ultra HD 4K Recording Capability
    With image quality four times better than Full HD resolution, you can shoot crisper movies that will be ready for the next generation of televisions and displays

    Slow Motion Recording
    At 720p HD the HX-A500 can record 120 fps slow motion; and for extreme slow-down, it can record 240 fps at 848 x 480 widescreen SD resolution. Slow motion is ideal for capturing action that is moving so fast the eye struggles to follow when viewing it in real-time; anything from a golf swing to a snowboard trick

    Level Shot and Image Stabilizer
    In addition image stabilization, compensating for handshake, the camera will also work to off-set tilted shots using the Level Shot function. The Level Shot Function is designed to help ensure your horizon stays level no matter how rough the ride gets

    Built-In 1.5" LCD on Main Unit
    Not only does the LCD let you check your movies on location, it also allows you to view the menu system to change various camera settings. Operations are performed using Joystick navigation beneath the LCD, with visual feedback provided by the LCD itself

    One Ounce Wearable Camera Unit
    The HX-A500 wearable camera is designed so that you can capture whatever is in your line of sight, and features a 160° ultra-wide lens. Wearing the lightweight lens unit on the Head Mount allows you to record scenes that put viewers right there in the midst of the action

    Wi-Fi Connectivity
    Create Highlights and Easy Share with Panasonic's Image App for smartphones and mobile devices. You can play back recordings on the main unit and extract selected sequences that can be uploaded to your mobile device for sharing. The Wi-Fi feature will also allow you to operate the camera remotely using the app. Plus, users with USTREAM accounts can even stream live to the Internet where a stable Wi-Fi connection is present

    NFC Connectivity
    NFC lets you connect an NFC-enabled Android smartphone or mobile device to the camcorder simply by tapping the two devices together, without ever having to open your mobile device's connectivity settings

    Versatile Mounting Options
    A range out mounting solutions are available for the HX-A500, with options to suit what eve adventure you might encounter. Mounts from Panasonic include:

    Multi Mount
    Designed for use in all kinds of outdoor situations. For example, this mount can be used to attach the lens unit to goggles or a backpack strap

    Clip Mount
    Allows the lens unit to be mounted on the brim of a cap or other object

    Tripod Mount
    The tripod mount will hold the lens unit on 1/4"-20 screw mounting platforms, such as tripods. Ideal for fixed-point shooting

    Multi Belt
    Designed to neatly hold the main unit and cable. In different situations, you can wear it around the waist, across your body from the shoulder, or any way you like

    Suction Cup Mount
    Allows you to mount the camera on a variety of smooth, flat surfaces. The Suction Cup Mount also requires the Tripod Mount (VW-CTA100), which serves to hold the lens unit

    Handlebar Mount
    Attach the lens unit to bicycle handlebars or other tubes of similar diameter. Allows you to capture POV mountain biking shots and more

    Other Optional Accessories

    Wind Jammer
    Shields the microphone to help reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors

    Multi Case
    The case lets you keep the camera, cable, and main unit all together, organized and protected in single, shoulder strap-style case

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