Davis & Sanford Fusion Aluminum Tripod with 3-Way Fluid Head

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The Davis & Sanford Fusion Aluminum Tripod with 3-Way Fluid Head is a full camera support system for either photography or videography. With an integrated 3-way fluid head that features a pan bar, the lightweight tripod is also well-suited for pursuits such as bird watching.

Composed of aluminum alloy and high-strength plastic, the Fusion tripod reaches a maximum height of 61" with its 3-section legs and geared center column fully extended. The tripod system weighs only 3.7 lb and supports loads up to 8 lb.

The Fusion head features a built-in fluid system, which effects smooth movements for when you're shooting video or following a bird in flight. Movements are possible in two tilt directions, including portrait tilt. The easy-grip pan and tilt bar works with the calibrations for pan and tilt to ensure perfect leveling and precise adjustments and moves.

The quick-release system is about as quick as possible: Just pull the lock release lever, and pull out the plate. Featuring a video pin, the quick-release plate is non-keyed, meaning it can be inserted into the head as it faces any direction. Folding down to 25", the Fusion tripod system includes a carry bag.

  • Ballast hook at the bottom of the geared center column allows you to hang a camera bag or other weight for added stability under uneven loads or in windy conditions
  • Adjustable leg support brace with lock enhances the tripod's stability
  • Non-slip rubber feet are adjustable
  • Bubble level
  • Black anodized finish