Accsoon CineEye Air 5 GHz Wireless Video Transmitter for up to 2 Mobile Devices

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The Accsoon CineEye Air simultaneously transmits up to a 1080p video signal from an HDMI source to two iOS/Android mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, treating them as video receivers and allowing you to use them as real-time video monitors. The signal is sent from its full-size HDMI type A input over 5 GHz Wi-Fi up to 328' line of sight with a low latency of approximately 50 ms. A companion CineEye iOS/Android app provides features such as false color, peaking, zebra, and histogram, as well as .cube format 3D LUT support, allowing your devices to function as professional video monitors. The CineEye Air can be used for standard monitoring, remote focus pulls, and various other applications on set and otherwise.

The CineEye Air is made of durable aluminum, and it has an ultra-compact, pocket-sized design that weighs only 4 oz. The 5 GHz Wi-Fi signal is more resistant to interference than standard Wi-Fi, so Wi-Fi reliability is at its optimal with the CineEye Air. You can power the unit using the included USB Type-C cable or a DC source using its barrel input. The CineEye Air can easily be mounted on your camera or other video device using its 1/4"-20 mounting thread as well as using the included shoe mount.

Key Features

Transmits up to a 1080p signal to two iOS/Android devices simultaneously over 5 GHz Wi-Fi

Full-size HDMI type A input

Up to 328' line-of-sight transmission

Low latency of approximately 50 ms

CineEye iOS/Android app with features such as false color, peaking, zebra, histogram, and 3D LUT support

Power with external source via USB Type-C input

Anti-Interference & Channel Selection

The CineEye Air will automatically find a clean channel before the transmission starts, and as the distance increases will automatically lower the streaming bit rate to maintain real-time monitoring. CineEye also allows you to manually select from nine 5 GHz transmission channels. The 5 GHz Wi-Fi signal is more resistant to interference than standard Wi-Fi, so Wi-Fi reliability will be at its optimal.