Gura Gear Large Pro Photo Module Case for Uinta Backpack

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The Large Pro Photo Module Case for Uinta Backpack from Gura Gear is designed to hold a DSLR and lenses, organizing them within your Uinta backpack or used separately as a carry option. The water-resistant nylon module features customizable dividers and on the large and medium models, security straps are included to hold down a DSLR with attached long lens. When inserted into a backpack, it is held in place via exterior touch fasteners. Additionally, it features dual lid zippered panels for front and back access to your gear. The foam within the frame is removable to make the module lighter. Two grab handles provide ease of portability.

  • Works within Uinta backpacks or as separate carry case
  • Extensively tested foams provide ideal balance of weight and protection
  • Fully customizable interior dividers
  • Dual lid panels for front and rear access
  • Removable lid foam to decrease weight when needed