Sync Adventure Camera Stabilizer for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4, with 3.5" LCD Monitor, 2 Internal Brushless Motors, Rechargeable Battery

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The SYNC Adventure Camera Stabilizer makes it easy to capture stable handheld footage with your GoPro camera. It features a 2-axis gimbal with brushless motors and utilizes a gyroscope to accurately predict movements to keep your camera level and smooth - all without any calibration. The SYNC Adventure Camera Stabilizer is compatible with a naked HERO 3, 3+, or 4, and incorporates a USB docking connector to send a live video monitoring feed to a built-in 3.5" rotatable LCD screen. Additional features include a rechargeable Li-Po battery that lasts up to two hours, and a toggle switch on the front of the handgrip that provides 180° of controllable tilt.

  • Compatible with GoPro HERO 3, 3+, and 4
  • Advanced stabilization algorithm
  • Powerful proprietary MCU 32-bit CPU
  • Silent brushless motors
  • Motor reaction time of 20,000 reactions per second
  • 3.5" Rotatable LCD screen
  • Camera cradle with USB docking connector
  • Controllable tilt with a 180° range
  • Instant start-up with no calibration
  • Light and compact design weighs only 1 lb