MKC3 White Limited Edition Tripod

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A tripod helps improve the results you get from your camera by holding it much more steady than you can yourself, making photos sharper and allowing you to concentrate more on catching the right scene at the right moment. A tripod gives you the flexibility to use camera settings (like low ISO, for example) that produce better quality images, and holds the camera still for longer exposures in low light, producing shake-free photos that really capture the colours and atmosphere. 

The Compact Series was designed to be an ideal first tripod: easy to use; quick to attach, detach, extend and fold; ultra-portable when closed yet practical and tall when open, they're among the most compact full-size tripods available; strong and secure enough to support anything from small point-and-shoots and compact camcorders up to entry-level DSLRs with kit lenses. iPhones and other cameraphones can be supported too (check your camera has a tripod thread on the underside, or that you have a tripod thread adaptor for your phone). 

The MKC3-PF Photo Kit is a Compact Series tripod with a built-in ball head. A ball head allows the camera to be positioned freely and quickly, at any angle and inclination. The camera can easily be rotated between landscape and portrait positions. The MKC3-PF's ball head has a single easy locking control so you can fix your camera firmly in place before taking a photo. The universal mount fits all cameras' tripod thread (the screw thread on the underside). 

Compact Series tripods also have ergonomic lever leg locks, to make opening and closing the tripod fast. The centre column can be inverted, which reduces the folded length of the tripod, making it even shorter so it fits in smaller bags or storage spaces. 

This special edition Compact Photo Tripod differs from the standard MKC3-P01 and MKC3-P02 models because instead of having 5-section legs, it has 4-section legs, making it even more compact when folded. The camera plate fitting is via an innovative and intuitive disk attachment, and the tripod also includes a white wrist strap to make carrying the tripod more comfortable. 

This special edition Compact Photo Tripod in white is designed to be our most compact and stylish tripod. It has 4-section legs, instead of 5 and also uses a slim and intuitive disk attachment for your camera. These features, along with the white wrist strap make it an ultra-portable and easy to use solution. 


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