Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit 055CXPRO4-M0Q5

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The Manfrotto 055CXPRO4-M0Q5 Carbon Fiber Tripod with Q5 Ball Head is an extremely precise ball head, providing extra smooth movements, thanks to state of the art materials and technology. Innovative and unique features like the exclusive 90 degree - 100 degree portrait angle selector allows for better camera control for advanced, precise settings.

Innovative, compact, ergonomic, powerful and made of lightweight magnesium, it is the ideal tool for durability, high performance and accuracy. The magnesium Q5 Quick Release system is compatible with RC5 standard plates and offers increased ergonomics, speed, reduced weight and accuracy - thanks to 3 leveling bubbles.

The Q5 with the sliding plate provides the perfect weight balance for heavy equipment and long lenses. This 4-section tripod combines the best performances of the 055 carbon family with lower dimensions. This tripod is compact and light, with the patented Q90-degree system for quick vertical-horizontal movements.