GH5380S Series 5 Systematic Ball Head

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The Gitzo GH5380S GH5380S Systematic Ball Head with Hydraulic Lock is a high-quality head especially ideal for use with long and ultra long lenses, on a Systematic series tripod. Since long lenses require ultra smooth control, this head features a revolutionary hydraulic locking system placed inside the ball. This system, besides for generating a strong locking power (equivalent to 480kg/1022 lbs of pressure), allows for a quicker and more ergonomic control.

This head provides 360° pan and +28/-28° tilt. Being dedicated to long lenses, this head is not designed to provide a 90° portrait mode. If desired, this position can be achieved by rotating the lens on its collar, or by using an "L" bracket.

Friction control is possible by pressing on the push button found on the locking ring. This controls the tension of the locking ring.
Provides an extremely low and compact profile.