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As can be expected from Novoflex, the ClassicBall 3 ballhead has a unique design and is conceived, designed and manufactured with the needs of the user foremost in mind. Despite its compact design, it combines extreme stability with ingenious functionality.

The ClassicBall is the world's first ballhead with three vertical 90° openings for the ball neck, instead of the usual one or two. This increases the flexibility of the photographer. The head also features a panning base with an independent lock. Both locking mechanism controls(for the panning base and for the main ball) are captive, and cannot fall off accidentally.

Novoflex's AFC (advanced friction control) system provides precise repeatable, defined friction presets suitable for all your various camera setups. The ClassicBall 3 is also amongst the select few ballheads which are so finely produced as to not require lubrication. A 'dry ball' attracts no dirt, dust or debris and generally requires no maintenance. It is also much more difficult to manufacture, since its machining tolerances are so much finer than a conventional ballhead with lubricant upon the ball.

AFC (Advanced Friction Control) System

  • Horizontally-aligned blue friction control ring with 5 preset settings
  • Friction steps sensibly spaced to accommodate all gear combinations
  • Friction adjustable only when ball is locked, preventing accidental "dumping" of camera
  • Three 90° openings for vertical positioning
  • Camera platform diameter of 1.8" (45mm)
  • Base diameter of 2.4" (60mm)