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Kirk Enterprise L-Bracket for Nikon D7100 PZ-155

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This BL-D7100 L-Bracket for Nikon D7100 Camera from Kirk is an Arca-compatible bracket machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Composed of a PZ-155 quick-release plate and an LBS-D7100 L-bracket side, it enables fast changes between portrait and landscape orientation.

The L-bracket removes the need to readjust your head and completely recompose the shot. You can simply release the bracket from your Arca-compatible quick-release clamp, tilt it 90°, and lock the bracket back in place. Using an L-bracket also facilitates a sturdier base of support than tilting an entire head to a 90° position.

The plate features a 1/4"-20 stainless steel mounting screw and an adjacent 1/4"-20 socket. A slot on the PZ-155 allows for the use of a camera strap.

The L-bracket's design allows access to both the battery door and the connection ports.
A slot on the plate lets you attach a camera strap to the L-bracket.