Benro HMMA48CS4H Series 4 Carbon Fiber Hybrid Monopod with S4 Head

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The HMMA48CS4H Series 4 Carbon Fiber Hybrid Monopod from Benro includes a 3-Leg Locking Base and S4 Video Head to give you a versatile still or video camera support system. Able to hold up to 8.8 lb and extend to 71.7", the monopod can support a range of photo and video equipment. The integrated panning base provides three solid points of contact with the ground and can help to stabilize during still or video capture. A ball joint on the base allows you to smoothly pan and tilt your camera, and it can be locked so that you can pan with the head independently.

The monopod leg is constructed of a 9X carbon fiber weave for an improved strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring stability without excess weight. The four leg sections are secured by rubberized, dust-resistant twist locks which allow the monopod to fold down to a minimum height of 27.4". The included S4 is a compact video head with 360° rotation and front-to-back tilt. There are separate pan and tilt lock levers, a single control arm, and a sliding Arca-type quick-release plate to help balance the camera's weight.