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516,532ART, 532ART Roadrunner 2-Stage Tripod Legs

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The 532 ART Road Runner Video Tripod successfully combines the need of videographer's (speed and support) without compromising either requirement. The mid-level spreader opens the locking devices of boththe top & bottom sections during the opening or closing of the tripod. It literally can be extended and ready to shoot in a mere four seconds!

The 532 ART has a wonderfully designed carrying handle, well padded and placed for enduring extended distance lugging with relative ease.

The 532 ART's leveling is achieved with quickness and ease. You merely push a button near the top of the tripod, level the tripod, then release the button. It could not be simpler.

The 516 fluid head is specifically for the latest DV camcorders used by documentary and industrial videographer's, and can support cameras up to 22 lbs. Equipped with fluid cartridges, which provides continuous adjustable drag control. This system gives quite a wide range of friction control down to "zero drag" and operates on both pan and tilt axis. Other features include separate pan and tilt locking mechanism, a fixed counter balance spring of 16.5 lbs. load capacity at a center of gravity of 5-inches and a built-in bubble level.

Lightweight and remarkably rigid aluminum construction
100mm & 75mm Bowls
Squid mid-level spreader included, offers improved anti-torsion resistance and keeps legs locked saftly
No protruding parts,levers or knobs to catch or damage
When closed, tripod legs interlock without additional clips, straps or hooks, to insure compactness and prevent damage
Leg lock mechanism can be adjusted for increased or reduced tightness
Incorporated padded carrying handle
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