3 Legged Thing Alan Carbon Fiber Monopod with DOCZ Foot Stabilizer

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The 3 Legged thing Alan Carbon Fiber Monopod with DOCZ Foot Stabilizer can support some of the largest telephoto lenses used in photography. Using the pivoting ball with tension control on the stabilizer, the entire monopod can smoothly swivel on the ball joint and pan to capture dramatic video footage as well.
Alan Carbon Fiber Monopod
The 3 Legged Thing Alan Carbon Fiber Monopod is a 5-section support that can be used for videography and sports photography, and can be used in areas where tripods are not allowed or cannot travel. Each of the 5 sections has a twist-lock that opens with a 1/4 turn, and fully extended, the monopod reaches a maximum height of 58.7". To travel with the 1.3 lb monopod, it collapses to a closed length of 17.7", which is suitable to store in any baggage or suitcase.

The top of the support features a Tri-Mount plate that allows accessories to be attched to any of the three open spurs, and a 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 reversible thread helps to mount either a head or camera to the top. A large rubber grip with water channels disperses moisture to maintain a firm hold on the monopod. In addition, a 3/8"-16 socket located at the bottom of the monopod allows a microphone or other accessory to attach, for use as a boom pole.

A 5-section support with a maximum height of 58.7" and a folded length of 17.7"
Twist locks open with a 1/4 turn
The carbon fiber monopod weighs 1.3 lb and has a load capacity of 130 lb
At the top of the support, a reversible 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting thread for a head, lens, or camera
Tri-Mount plate with three opens spurs to attach accessories to
Use the monopod as a boom pole with the 3/8"-16 socket to attach a microphone or other accessories
The support is equipped with a large rubber grip that has water channels to disperse moisture from the grip and to maintain a firm hold on the monopod
DOCZ Foot Stabilizer
Maintain a steady monopod with the 3 Legged Thing DOCZ Foot Stabilizer, which is compatible with the Alan and Trent Monopods and with monopods that have a 3/8"-16 socket. The stabilizer's ball has tension control, which adds more drag and creates a smoother pivot when shooting a video or for tracking a fast-moving subject. Also, the adjustable ball locks into place for more stability, and the foot has a load capacity of 44 lb. the upward-folding feet reveal a rubber boot under to further maintain the weight when pressure is applied to the monopod.

Alan and Trent monopods or monopods with a 3/8"-16 socket