Eyefi 32GB Mobi Pro SDHC Wi-Fi Memory Card (Class 10)

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Give your camera the power of Wi-Fi with the 32GB Mobi Pro SDHC Wi-Fi Memory Card from Eye-Fi. The integrated 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity provided by this memory card gives you the ability to transfer your photos and videos to your phone, tablet, or desktop computer wirelessly. With this card you can also connect your camera to your home, office, or studio Wi-Fi to streamline workflows and eliminate the need to have your camera hard wired to your computer to transfer files.
The Mobi Pro version of the Eye-Fi memory card includes the ability to transfer RAW images wirelessly and selectively transfer photos as opposed to transferring photos in bulk. You can also utilize the free Eye-Fi Mobi app to organize and edit photos as well as upload unlimited photos to the Eye-Fi Cloud free for one year.

  • Add instant photo transfer to the camera you already own
  • Send photos and video to your phone, tablet or desktop computer wirelessly
  • Organize photos automatically
  • Crop, edit, and instantly share photos
  • Use alone or add the power of Eye-Fi Cloud to sync photos to all devices