Binocular Tripod Adapter - For all Infinity Series and others

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Mount the binocular to a tripod or a window mount;It is solid and sturdy fits most binoculars equipped with adapter screws;FREEDEER tripod bracket helps you view your object with more stability on a tripod
Improvement over the plastic one and perfect fit for most binoculars;steady as a rock to remove if attached tightly

The round screws a flat area that can be turned with a tool;easy to assemble and use;it's a perfect accessory for budding astronomers starting to look at the moon and planets;shooting;hunting bird watching and camping

The adapter fit perfectly on existing tripod when using with a telescope;the adapter was very easy to install onto the tripod and as soon as figured out how to get the cap off the binoculars tripod adapter socket;it screwed right in without an issue

Very sturdy and does not weigh much at all;verify your binoculars have a tripod adapter socket to mount onto a tripod if using this adapter;which is usually located between the lens on the opposite side of the center focus knob

The adapter has 0.25" threading at the top with a easy access knob to screw into the binoculars;the base end has 0.25 x 20mm threading that fit directly onto most tripods


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