Hahnel Extreme HLX-E6 Li-Ion 7.2V 1650Ma Battery

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The Extreme line of batteries departs from both OEM batteries as well as all other replacement batteries in many specific ways: Each battery is injected with silicone. All " empty space " within the battery housing is filled with this compound, giving them a very tough, shock absorbing construction with superior circuit protection and additional electrical insulation. Using only UL approved cells, channel's Extreme line, in just about all cases, gives an additional 20 % more shots than the OEM battery. In addition, after 2 year's use, and the charging/recharging that a shooter gives a battery, the Extreme line retains appx. 98 % of their original capacity. The Extreme line will also give 5 % more minutes of use in Live View mode. In all cases, charge retention after 28 days at 25 degrees ( C ) is in excess of 80 %. During extensive testing, the Extreme line of batteries exceeds by a wide margin the performance the OEM battery. While many battery companies are content to offer a wide range of " me-too " batteries, price driven, with performance that does not even come close to that of the OEM, channel has once again proven to be a high quality, professional, reliable battery. The channel Extreme range of batteries offers high performance, reliability under demanding circumstances, and the superior quality that is expected of premium Brands. Hahnel's Extreme batteries are decidedly not to be confused by price driven replacements. They are for the advanced amateur/pro shooter who expects high performance and reliability. channel's Extreme line can more than satisfy those who need peak performance under a wide variety of shooting circumstances.


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