Comica Audio CVM-WM200A 2-Person Camera-Mount Wireless Omni Lavalier Microphone System (520 to 578.5 MHz)

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The Comica Audio CVM-WM200A is a 2-person, camera-mount wireless microphone system that comprises two bodypack transmitters, a dual-channel receiver, and two omnidirectional lavalier mics. It offers 96 selectable frequency channels that can be quickly changed to avoid signal interference and it lets you adjust the RF signal strength for reliable operation at a range up to 394'. The system allows you to transmit two mic or line audio signals simultaneously in mono or stereo mode, ideal for interviews or presentations with two speakers or for transmitting a mix when working on ENG, video, or music productions.

The receiver provides an audio output to the camera as well as a monitor output for real-time monitoring of your signal. The CVM-WM200A is powered via AA batteries and ships with an 3.5mm and an XLR output cable, three belt clips, two wind muffs, three cold shoe mounts, and a carry case.

Key Features


  • Discrete two-channel camera-mount UHF receiver
  • Two bodypack transmitters with omnidirectional lavalier microphones and wind muffs
  • 96 selectable channels can be quickly changed to avoid signal interference
  • A/B wireless frequency group switch on each transmitter provides fast channel selection
  • Group A: 520.0 to 548.5 MHz
  • Group B: 550.0 to 578.5 MHz
  • Working range up to 393.7' in open areas and 262.5' in obstructed areas
  • Switchable mono or stereo output modes allow you to transmit a stereo signal or two independent mono signals
  • Headphone output on receiver for real-time audio monitoring
  • Receiver with two antennas, one for each A/B frequency group
  • LCF low-cut filter mode helps reduce unwanted low rumble and wind noise for a clear sound
  • Auto-scanning helps you quickly find interference-free channels at your location
  • Manual or Auto IR mode enables you to easily sync transmitters with receiver
  • High and low adjustable RF signal strength—low-consumption mode for extended standby time
  • Built-in audio processing chip for sound optimization
  • Audio dynamic display bar
  • 16-level volume adjustment
  • Transmitter power monitor
  • Powered via AA batteries
  • High-resolution lattice LCD display
  • Metal body construction provides efficient shielding against EMI
  • 3.5mm and XLR output cables for connecting receiver to camera or recorder audio input
  • Includes three adapters to mount transmitters and receiver on a camera via cold shoe
  • Includes three belt clips
  • Carrying case